Chanka Perera's Home Page.

Welcome to my little space at cyber world..

About ::

I am Chanka Perera, a free software enthusiastic and long time Unix user working as Sysadmin on different flavors of Unix's at News International. This allows me to get paid for the work i used to do for fun. And in the spare time you can find me reading mailing list archives, shashdot , google reader , tech-news when not listing to soft-rock music.

Some Notes can be find unix_notes

Operating Systems ::

Solaris, AIX, BSD, Linux, Tru64, HP-UX, Windows


I have used following HW boxes as of now Sun Enterprise 420R,V240,T2000,T2650 / IBM pSeries RS 6000 / IBM Enterprise H80 / RS 6000, HP L1000 / Dell Power Edge 2650 / 1150 / 750, Compaq DS20E servers / ML350.